Variable Spotlight

Variable Spotlight

There is a growing research trend to analyze the impact of outdoor learning experiences on student achievement, STEM career motivation, environmental attitudes/behaviors, and social emotional well-being. Variables are factors which can be manipulated/studied to examine the effects of an educational program. The Variable Spotlight provides strategies for measuring factors that are impacted by outdoor initiatives. We encourage longer article submissions (500-600-words) or shorter narratives to provide information for researchers on ways to assess the impacts of outdoor programs. Submissions can be sent to

Assessing Peer Influence during Outdoor Activities

November 1, 2023|Variable Spotlight|

Suzanne E. Hiller

Educators who have worked with adolescent students are commonly aware that peers can have a strong influence on the attitudes, behaviors, and performance of learners. Interestingly, adolescence can be classified between the ages of 10-25 due to the elongated economic dependency students have on their families in comparison to generations in the past (Steinberg, 2015).

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