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Outdoor classrooms are becoming popular within school settings to promote authentic learning experiences. These spaces can be created in many types of locations (urban, suburban, and rural areas) and are applicable in all subject areas including art, science, global languages, and keyboarding, as some examples. We encourage article submissions to encourage outdoor classroom practices in a variety of ways, such as methods for designing spaces, instructional activities, and ways to support students’ overall well-being. Submissions can be sent to submissions@blueswallowfarmfoundation.org.

The Benefits of Nature Journaling with Students

November 1, 2023|Outdoor Classroom|

Kelsey Chandler Bird
Frederick County Public Schools

Nature journaling, also known as field journaling, is something that I do with students, who range from 6-9 years old, weekly to enhance their understanding of the natural environment around them, get them outside, and explore skills they do not always use within the classroom.

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